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Creative Ceramics

There is a lot of room for creativity when choosing ceramic house numbers for your house number plaque. Terracotta, white clay, hand-painted, Spanish or Italian style, however your tastes run there is a tile house number for you.

There are also several methods for displaying your ceramic-based signs , including framed or unframed, horizontally or vertically, or with or without accents tiles.

Cost And Availability

  • $45 - Ace Hardware carries the Hy-Ko brand of ceramic tiles. This is how it works: you buy the black steel frame which has decorative flourishes. Then you select anywhere from 1 to 5 tile numbers for your home address number from the same company. The frame itself is $21.99 while each number is $4.49. Of course even if you have only 1 number in your address, you still have to purchase spacer tiles to fill the gaps at the cost of $4.49 each.
  • $119 to $129 - Classy Plaques carries a special hand-made plaque which is fired twice. The first time to create the plate but the second time to bake in the lettering custom-written for the customer. This increases the cost dramatically compared to buying pre-made tiles separately.
  • $37 to $47 - Seattle Luxe makes an oval tile with glossy porcelain. The drawback is that you may only request up to three numbers for the address so people with long house numbers are out of luck.

Individual or Custom-made

Like brass house numbers, there are two basic choices. You can buy individual tiles or have a tile custom made for you. Let us say your house number is 245, you can buy three individual tiles with the digits 2, 4, and 5 on them or you can special order a tile with the number 245 on it. The advantage of using individual numbers is that you then have several choices for displaying them.

Durability of Ceramic Tile House Numbers

Whether or not your signs can withstand extreme temperature changes, depends largely on how they were fired in the kiln. Tiles fired to a stoneware temperature are resistant to heat and cold. These tiles that have been painted, glazed and fired to a very high temperature will not only survive extreme heat and cold, but the colors will also never fade or peel.

Most internet sources for house numbers will state in their FAQ how the tiles were fired and whether or not they require protection from the elements. If you buy yours from a local artisan or at a craft show, be sure to ask about the firing method. If the tiles are not high temperature fired, then you should only buy them if you intend to install them in a protected area, like under a porch or portico, where they will not have to endure rain, snow or sun.

Display Methods

You can choose to display your ceramic house numbers in a frame or hang them singly. If you wish to hang them as hanging address plaques, make sure that the tiles you choose have either screw holes in them or notches in the back for a hook. Lawn address signs stand alone in the lawn but certainly are decorated in various ways.

Frames come in various materials including wood, copper, cast aluminum or brass. There are frames meant to be hung horizontally or vertically and even frames that can hang either way. These come with tiles that are square so that the choice is yours. Frames are easy to mount and then you simply slide the tiles into the frame. You can even buy accent tiles that you can change with seasons.

Ceramic, clay or tile is a popular material for address signs.

Address plaques also are designed with wood frames.

Metal choices are traditionally brass or cast aluminum for a more robust material.