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Depending on the type of mailbox you own, whether a curbside mailbox or a wall mounted type, there are so many choices numbers that one is bound to be good. The choices are seemingly infinite, and with so many styles, colors and materials to choose from, it is hard to figure out what you need.

The first question is what kind of mailbox do you have? Is it a standard US Postal Service box, with rounded top, mounted on a post and set in the ground near the street? Or do you own a wall-mounted mailbox? This type is either mounted on your house itself or on a wall or fence surrounding your property. There are different kinds of mailbox numbers for each style of mailbox.

Mailbox Number Choices for a Curbside Mailbox

If you own a curbside mailbox, you can either attach mailbox numbers to each side of the box, to be visible from both directions, or you can attach a mailbox address plate to the top or bottom of the box. Individual mailbox numbers come in all sizes and colors, in materials including basic vinyl or acrylic stick-on numbers, hardy brass numbers, cast aluminum mailbox number plates, hand-painted ceramic tiles or stone slates and everything in between. Ceramic house numbers are a variant on the tile and would work well with a subset of mailboxes.

Another option for a curbside mailbox is a mailbox address plate or marker. An address plate is attached either above or below the mailbox, depending on how the box is attached to the post. The mailbox address plate has your mailbox numbers, and even your entire address if you wish, on both sides of the plate, so it can be seen from both directions.

If your mailbox sits atop a post, you should choose a mailbox number address plate that mounts to the top of your mailbox. If your mailbox sits atop a crossbeam of wood attached to a wooden post, you can mount the mailbox number address plate either above the box or below the crossbeam.

Mailbox Number Choices for a Wall Mounted Mailbox

You can choose to mount your mailbox numbers on the mailbox itself or next to the mailbox on the house, wall or fence that holds the box. Again, the choices are wide and varied. Common materials include wood, vinyl, acrylic, brass, cast aluminum, slate, terracotta and ceramic tile. There are even mailbox numbers that glow in the dark.

In addition to individual mailbox numbers, you can choose to buy custom-made personalized address plaques. These are similar to the address plates for a curbside mailbox, but they only have the mailbox numbers on one side and they are mounted on the wall next to or above the mailbox or directly on the front of the box itself.

As always when choosing the right mailbox numbers, take into consideration size and color for best visibility and consider the seasons in your region when choosing a material, so that your mailbox numbers will have a long life. Whitehall Signs is a company that offers a variety of curbside offerings that are good for outdoor home decor.

Ceramic, clay or tile is a popular material for address signs.

Address plaques also are designed with wood frames.

Metal choices are traditionally brass or cast aluminum for a more robust material.